LeMystere Tisha 955

Perfect Everyday Bra, Seamless Wide Straps and Wings - Hidden Underwire

For an Incredibly Smooth Fit Under Your


  LeMystere Lace Tisha Bra 965

Elegant Lace Trim and Loop-Edged Straps

Designed To Lift Bust Higher, Give You Unmatched Support and Unbelievable 

All-Day Comfort

Three Times A Lady - Downtown Dickson    615-446-3838

We have one of the largest Quality Name Brand Bra Collections in the area.  With all the many Bras and styles, it can be a challenge to select the right one for you.  Let us assist you in making the right Bra selection.

Three Times A Lady - Downtown Dickson

LeMystere Dream Tisha 9955

   Designed For A Larger Bust Size

   From The Firm, Full-Coverage Foam Cups

   and Pliable Underwire, To The Extra-Wide    Wings and Covered Stays

All About Fit

All About Fit



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           Three Times A Lady  -  Downtown Dickson

LeMystere Lingerie is known for their "all about fit" and innovative approach: understands a woman's need for both fashion and function in women's intimate apparel.  Every women's frame and shape is different; therefore, you should get a "one on one" fit consultation with one of our bra fit specialists to get the best fit for your body.  Our bra fit specialists have years of experience.